Flawless Health & Medical Payment Processing for Your Medical Practice

Robust health & medical payment processing solutions prioritize security and safety, ensuring smooth transaction management for your medical practice.

Patel Processing is an ideal payment system provider that offers flexible payment options designed especially for the health & medical industry. We are proficient in handling the hardships the industry undergoes and efficiently managing payment transactions. Our approach is to maintain safety, accuracy, and efficiency.

  • Supporting different payment channels like credit cards and health savings accounts (HSA) cards
  • Easy linking of your website with online payment platforms 
  • Online communication advancement leads to improved patient satisfaction.
  • Cut down the managerial hindrances by digitalized payment processes.

Manage Payments from Any Location

Patel Processing provides convenient access to our free virtual terminal that allows effortless processing of payments in various ways: 

  • Consumers could enter transactions into the virtual terminal through any computer web browser.
  • Our mobile app can be integrated easily with iOS and Android mobile devices to facilitate payments. 
  • A design that includes “Buy Now” and “Pay Now” buttons and add them to your website.

Patel Processing delivers a fully configured line of desktop terminals that are not only for ‘swipe’ and ‘chip’ but can be used for contactless payment.

Collaborating with Patel Processing comes with numerous benefit

  • Experience ease in your medical practice because there are no long-term contracts or fees.
  • The charges for both the initial installation and the monthly subscriptions have been eliminated to provide better benefits to our users.
  • Exploitation of the Interchange+ pricing model, providing a kind understanding of rates accompanied by transparency. You will never see tabs such as “non-qualified” or “mid-qualified.”
  • Fees such as AVS or batch arming fees are transparent and affordable.
  • Unlike other companies, our open access to payment terminals and gateways will always be at a competitive price with no excessive mark-ups or lease schemes and keeping our merchants the priority.
Innovative financing solutions
Unleash the potential of effortless transactions with Patel Processing. We provide the most reliable services to ensure absolute convenience and efficiency for a company regardless of its size. At Patel Processing, we value every transaction and strive to provide reliable and trustworthy service.

Virtual Terminal

Our virtual terminal simplifies the payment process by creating a hassle-free platform for your customers.

Online Reporting

Gain the key data from transactional reporting.

Online Payment Links

Make it easy for online transactions with personalized payment links.

Mobile (Apple/Android) Processing

Collect payments from anywhere in the world via our mobile transaction service.

Customer Database with Credit Card Storage

We keep the credit card details of your patients secured and safe with our encrypted database system.

No long-term agreements

Experience the freedom because we will not bind you by traditional long-term agreements.

Next-Day Funding

Get approval for your funds on the next business day with next-day funding.


Team up with Patel Processing for stable and customized payment processing solutions.