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Accepting Credit Card Payments? Make Way for the Patel Way

Our credit card processing services involve several components and stages. Its functioning depends on certain payment networks and banking institutions. The processing entity facilitates the sync between the cardholder’s bank, the credit card brand, and the merchant’s bank account. Our credit card processing solutions come with comprehensive merchant account services and real-time 24/7 support services.

Being one of the most client-friendly credit card processing companies, we assuredly cover the functional aspects on all fronts. While delivering online credit card processing services, we prioritize the expectations of both – you and your customers. Our wide range of processing features are coupled with robust POS hardware solutions to bestow your business with an extensive experience.

Credit Card Payments

Why’s Credit Card Processing So
Beneficial for You?

Speedy Credit Card Payment System with Reliable Uptimes

At Patel Processing, we provide a fast-track credit card payment system. We are sure that you would never notice any downtimes from the processing end. Our online credit card processing services come with a promise of lightning-fast transactions. However, we definitely talk about uptimes – something that can keep your customers satisfied. They would never have to wait for making payments and checking out as soon as they can. This can help you immensely in uplifting your customer retention ratios and ultimately recording greater sales. It’s all about promising and providing a great customer experience when it comes to attaining business growth.

Secure and Fraud-proof Credit Card Processing Services

Our credit card processing services are always in lines with the latest regulations. We strictly adhere to all the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and comply with the EMV protocols. We also let you opt for additional security points like entering a ZIP code or Security code. You can safely conduct your business without worrying about transactional discrepancies. In case of any rare technical mishaps, our team is always there to resolve the issues for you.

User-friendly Interface and Easy Integrations

Our credit card processing software lays down maximum importance to the ease of use and access for merchants. We have ensured that the interface directly results in convenient user experience, saving loads of your time. Moreover, our processing solutions enable smooth integrated payments. You can simply link your Retail POS Software or management software with your credit card processing terminal. This can further help you simplify your check out operations while maintaining important records and data.

Flexible Credit Card Payment Alternatives

Your customers might have credit cards of different brands. We believe our credit card processing facility should allow your customers to pay with any of the commonly used brands. This results in increased flexibility as none of your customers need to put efforts to find another payment method. Such small convenience factors have a positive impact on the viewpoints of the customers.

Compact and Featured Hardware Solutions

Along with our functions-driven processing services, we also provide sturdy hardware terminals. You can choose from a variety of processing terminals as per your business needs and purposes. Our hardware comes with a versatile set of features in the form of display screen size, memory, and processing speeds.


Secure Solutions

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Merchant Support

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Hardware Support

High-performance hardware for processing credit card payments.

How are Credit Card Payments Processed?

Online credit card processing begins when customers pay for their purchase using a credit card. The payment details are conveyed to the merchants when they accept the same online or in-person. Here onwards, these details are transferred to the credit card processor, who passes them on to the card networks. The card network immediately sends these details in real-time to the card holder’s bank.

The card holder’s bank ensures that the customer has an adequate sum of money or credit to validate the purchase. The bank also looks after the legitimacy and authenticity of the transaction using security measures. This is when it provides an approval or declines the payment transaction. At the same time, the customer’s bank pushes a notification of such approval or declination to the merchant’s payment terminal.

Upon verification and approval, the relevant funds are transferred from the customer’s bank account into the merchant’s bank account. This starts-off the settlement process. In this process, the funds are actually transferred from the payer’s bank account to the seller’s bank account. This process may take a few days, depending on the credit card brand.

Credit Card Processing System

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