Gift Card Loyalty Program Solutions

Why Let them See the Door – When You Can Let them Buy Some More?

Customer Loyalty Programs have become the mainstay of businesses, especially the retail stores across the USA. Merchants running small and large-scale businesses are turning to gift card processing companies for streamlined services. At Patel Processing, we adhere to all kinds of customer retention programs that you might be planning.

We understand how crucial loyalty programs are for retail businessmen and merchants. It’s imminent to have the support of reliable and secure gift card processors to ensure a smooth customer loyalty journey. In such a scenario, our gift and loyalty customer cards can act as an unsung boon for you while your business masters the art of customer retention.


Our Merchant Loyalty Program Solutions

We bring to the table a wide range of merchant loyalty program solutions. Our processing prowess, merchant-friendly approach, and retail business know-how enable us to deliver what you seek.

Gift Card Processing

You can introduce reusable gift cards as an advanced and smart alternative to paper-based customer loyalty goodies. We provide high-speed processing services for gift cards. Our gift card software can help you maintain a record of your customers’ holdings and obtain valuable insights from the same. Your customers can use gift cards as a tool to exclusively make purchases from you. With the help of gift cards, you can promote your business expansion activities, new products/services, associations, and other events.

Loyalty Card Processing

We also offer loyalty card processing services along with management software. This can help you keep a track of your varied customers based on their involvement levels, purchasing powers, etc. Your customers would be thrilled to use loyalty cards and redeem their rewards or brownie points. You can also set up a comprehensive customer loyalty structure where customers can level up as they keep purchasing more of your products/services.


We’re Determined to Provide the Best Gift Card and Loyalty Program Solutions

Vast Variety

Choose to implement and execute a broad array of loyalty tactics.

Innovative Techniques

Our gift card & loyalty solutions embrace innovation and technology.

Productive Approach

Our state-of-the-art services define our client-friendly approach.

Result-Oriented Programs

Get the loyalty program solutions you seek with an unswerving commitment.

Why Are Gift Card Programs So Important for Retailers?

Gift card programs for retailers aren’t meant just for the sake of better customer engagement or greater sales. They’re also important because they can keep your existing customer base interested and intact with your business. Every business wishes to thrive on the foundation of robust customer retention techniques. But only the ones who’ve got their merchant loyalty programs systematically in place can grow with time.

As a merchant, it must be usual for you to see your customers being chased by your counterparts. It’s also commonly observed that attractive rewards and incentives can help businesses cement a strong relationship with the customers. Loyal and happy customers willingly buy and spend more as compared to one-time customers. Once you implement a reward program involving loyalty customer gift cards, you’re all set to amaze your customers. We at Patel Processing take into consideration your specific business aspects and requirements to deliver the best gift card solutions. Our goals align with yours when it comes to giving our customers reasons to stay in the times to come.

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Gift And Loyalty Card

Elevate Your Loyalty Programs with Our Gift Card Processing Solutions!