Payment Gateway Solutions

Let the Payments Flow Through Your Website. Swiftly & Securely.

As a merchant, a payment gateway Integration services can do wonders for your business. Our online payment gateway services include credit card Processing options along with many other payment gateway processing solutions.

Payment gateways provide your customers with a reliable and trustworthy platform after checkout. E-commerce merchants need payment gateway services to retain their customers and form a sense of trust with them. Our payment gateway solutions can help you with immense growth in recording more sales in the long run.

Payment Methods

The Benefits of Our Payment Gateway Services

Rapid to Say the Least

Payment gateway services let you accept varied e-commerce payments swiftly, smoothly, and in a streamlined manner. This includes card payments, net banking, mobile banking, e-wallets, and much more. Compared to manual processing, payment gateway processing is quite faster, helping you ensure zero waiting time for the customers.

24/7 Accessibility to Payment Gateway Services

Your customers will always have access to your online shop, no matter what! That’s the biggest advantage of having a payment gateway embedded into your e-commerce website. Your shop can remain open for all hours in the day and night. Without your presence, the gateway manages all the payments and directly transfers the funds into your business account.

Mobile Payments Made Possible

A Payment Gateway also enables you to accept payments by phone. Customers who aren’t acquainted with online payments find this option as the most reliable one. Our virtual terminal can help you in taking quick payments from customers through mobile.

Greater Business Development

A payment gateway makes it possible for customers from anywhere in the world to make purchases. This opens up a vast opportunity for you to increase your customer base and thereby boost your sales. Moreover, the shopping cart feature adds to the value of your website. This further enhances customer experience, resulting in speedy growth and development of your business.


Flawless E-Commerce Payment Processing Services for Your Business

Safe & Secure

Protect your payments and e-space with our robust payment gateways.

Real-time Support

Feel free to contact our support team from anywhere, at any time.

Anti-Fraud Tools

Get a vast array of anti-fraud tools and systems.

Round-the-clock Access

See your business up and running on an eternal basis.

Secure Your Transactions with a Payment Gateway System

With a Payment Gateway System, all transactions are safeguarded with robust encryption levels for data protection. The privacy of the customers and security of the transactions attains optimum standards using payment gateways. It acts as an online card processing device that links your customers’ bank accounts with your merchant account. The entire procedure happens within a flash, followed by accurate receipt generation for the customers.


PCI Compliance

For accepting any kind of e-commerce payment, business owners need to have PCI certification. This is a standard compliance regulation that affirms that a business provides trusted e-payment methods. Our payment gateway solutions are fully recognized for standard encryptions and PCI compliance.


Setting up a Payment Gateway System

It’s quite easy to set up a payment gateway processing terminal on your website. You only need to sign-up for our merchant payment gateway services and we’ll take it from there for you. Within a couple of days, you can have your payment gateway ready to function!

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