High-risk merchant services

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High Risk Credit Card Processing is essential for businesses that carry pertinently high business risks. A high-risk merchant Services can protect your business and ensure successful e-commerce sales. If your e-business has greater risks of chargebacks, you should opt for our high-risk payment processing solutions.

We provide high-risk credit card processing services as a part of our high-risk merchant processors. Your market reputation, past records, and credibility matter a lot. We can help you manage chargebacks and other business risks in an efficient manner.

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High-risk Payment Processing Benefits

Our expertise outclasses the market counterparts when it’s about high-risk payment processing. Our solutions come with a plethora of benefits:

Advanced Technology

Expect a hi-tech payment platform with advanced APIs to take complete control of your payments. Our innovative means of processing solutions keep your e-business away from downtimes and unwanted glitches. We make use of cutting-edge technologies to help you experience an uninterrupted flow of high-risk merchant processing.

Security & Protection

We abide by the latest market standards and strict protocols while providing anti-fraud tools with our solutions. Our comprehensive chargeback prevention systems and a multi-faceted security approach can safeguard you from mishaps and risks. A high-risk merchant account can help you manage your chargebacks in an efficacious manner. It ensures that your account isn’t terminated just on the grounds of a single chargeback breach.

Industrial Diversity

Our services go hand-in-hand with your industry-specific requirements. We support a wide range of currency-centric processing needs and business models. This is to ensure the utmost flexibility for the merchants.

Global Exposure

Being a high-risk merchant, you can prosper your business by accepting a variety of currencies and dealing with foreign stakeholders. You can sell products and services which would’ve been otherwise restricted in the case of low-risk merchant accounts.


High-risk Merchant Account Services for Your Business

Versatile Services

Our high-risk payment processing is meant for all types of merchants.

Merchant Assistance

Our team of support experts is always at your service.

Payment Methods

Safeguard your high-risk e-commerce ACH, and credit card payments.

Custom Solutions

Get a varied set of high-risk processing features based on your specific needs.

Our Efficient High-risk Merchant Account Solutions

At Patel Processing, high-risk merchant account solutions are provided along with several value-added services. Multitudes of factors make us stand out from the rest when offering you what you seek for your high-risk business:


Prompt Support Services

We’re available round-the-clock to fulfill all your high-risk ACH & credit card processing needs. Whenever your web payments suffer glitches or issues, you’d need an immediate helping hand. That’s exactly what our team is capable of! We assure you that all your queries and problems are addressed in a timely manner.


Flexible & Custom Solutions

As your high-risk payment processor, we’re determined to provide custom solutions. From features to payment modules and structures, we can offer a variety of services suitable to your business.


Transparent Solutions

We levy no hidden charges! All the costs and fees are conveyed to you beforehand. We preach transparency and when it comes to pricing, none of the aspects are compromised.

High-risk Merchant Account Solutions

Let Us Help You with Your High-risk Processing Requirements!