The Patel Family comprises of the leading POS system providers in the USA – PtechPOS. This front-running organization has pioneered its way through high-end industry-centric expectations to reach where it’s today – at the pinnacle of success! Be it the ever-demanding liquor stores and supermarkets, or the thriving tobacco and convenience stores, PtechPOS has mastered the art of leveraging end-to-end POS solutions for these evergreen business sectors all across the USA. The amalgamation of innovation & technological revolution defines the trust-driven relationship between Patel Processing & PtechPOS.
Bespoke POS systems for USA-based Gas Stations with super-utility provision stores is what constitutes PETROTECHPOS and its core business functions! We at Patel Processing are proud to have PETROTECHPOS as an esteemed member of our entire Patel Family. It’s a client-friendly POS system provider which operates on the foundation of novelty values and client-oriented personalization. Our bond is built on basic concurring fundamentals of exceeding client expectations, by delivering a wide range of highly featured and user-friendly POS software solutions to relevant enterprises in the USA.
Our familiar connection with FOODZPRO holds a special importance. This exquisite organization provides KIOSK-embedded software and POS solutions to a vast array of retail food chains and other pertinent stores in the USA. As an integral part of the Patel Family, FOODZPRO serves growth-inducive resources in the form of flawless software solutions tailored as per the extensive client requirements.
As a front-runner in the POS industry and a venerated member of the Patel Family, RetailzPOS has mastered the art of serving retail stores across the USA with optimum POS hardware and system equipment. Our fruitful liaison with RetailzPOS comes in line with its tailored POS services and innovative hardware designs. Many malls and retail businesses in the USA avail reliable POS solutions from RetailzPOS.
The Patel Family is delighted to welcome POSBazaar – the supreme E-commerce store for the wide-ranging POS needs of businesses across the USA. Here, merchants and retailers can easily find just the hardware they’re looking for. POSBazaar is a trusted entity when it comes to providing affordable and result-oriented POS systems to its consumers.
Being a pleasure to have for USA-based food chain businesses & the Patel Family, ChefMaster has proven to be a well-regarded member since we brought it into inception. It provides POS solutions specially designed for eateries looking to elevate their customers’ experience. We proudly boast our intimate rapport with this prominent entity.