Merchant Cash Discount Processing

Eliminate all credit card processing fees by signing up for our cash discount program

A cash discount program offers your customers a different cash and credit price. In case the customers make cash payments, they have to pay lesser than what they would pay with a card. This is because card payments also take into consideration the processing costs.

Your cash-paying customers receive a discount in the form of a reduced cash price as compared to credit card processing payments. Although you will still provide your customers with both payment options, you can negate your card processing charges.

At Patel Processing, we provide a fully legal merchant cash discount program in the United States of America (USA). Encouraging your customers to obtain cash discounts by avoiding a credit card payment is legal in all 50 states.

Cash Discount

Why’s Cash Discount Processing So
Beneficial for You?

Never worry about paying credit card processing fees.

Cash discount processing totally subtracts credit card processing charges from your business equation. To reiterate further, customers paying with cards also pay the processing charges. Thus, this in turn creates savings for your business, which can be utilized for other operations and marketing purposes. This massively boosts your business capital in the long run.

Customers love to have choices.

When you sign-up for a cash discount program, your customers are in line to receive two pricing options. Firstly, they can choose to pay in cash, and secondly, they can make card payments. As the cash price would require the customers to pay a lower amount, this will allure more customers. The choices allow your customers to choose whether they would opt for a discounted purchase or a credit card transaction.

No gimmicks or hidden costs whatsoever!

Every business owner longs for transparent functions. With the cash discount program, you can surely expect that. So much so that your account statement will definitely show no hidden charges at the end of the month. All of this is possible despite accepting every kind of card entity and brand for payments. There’s more: You can also accept tips and neither you nor your customers will incur any kind of extra fees! You’d never want to shift to any other provider again. We levy no charges for providing a merchant services account. Your cash discount merchant processing account will cost you literally nothing. Also, we offer free terminals too, so that you can conveniently manage cash discounts.

Enhanced security and fraud prevention.

Verifying bills at the time of check out becomes a sure-shot thing in case of cash payments. This directly helps in preventing any kind of fraud or malpractices. The cash discount program invites certainty that you will be receiving the exact amount for your sales transactions. PCI regulations safeguard you from unlawful practices while you will receive legitimate signboards for your store. Your payment processes are all set to be simplified with cash discount processing. Cash paying customers result in diminishing of various risks like payment disputes, frauds, data theft, chargebacks, and so on.

Cash discount processing is a launchpad for your revenues.

Once your business becomes a part of a cash discount program, you don’t have to worry about paying any unwanted charges. Instead, you will be getting an increased sum of money when customers make card payments. It’s quite imminent that you will also save a lot on processing fees when customers pay using cash. You can plan your expenses and budgets in a better way because the additional costs won’t exist.

Welcome a streamlined cash flow into your business.

Despite the modern-day modes of payment, the significance of having cash still rules the markets. As someone who runs a business, the vitality of maintaining cash flow must be quite apparent for you. Cash benefits revolve around securing businesses and helping them with the necessary liquidity. A cash discount program can bring more cash-paying customers to you, resulting in a consistent cash flow.


Bestow your Business with Our Highly Advantageous Merchant Cash Discount Program

At Patel Processing, the needs, demands, and expectations of every business matters! We leverage our hi-tech resources to cater to businesses of all sizes belonging to various industrial domains. We believe in ‘All for One and One for All’.

Instant Money

Give the items, grab the cash! No waiting times for you.

Effective Cost Savings

Save a fortune in the long run by offering cash discounts.

Sales Growth

See your business record greater sales and profits.

Fully Legal Strategy

Leverage a completely legal way to nullify processing charges.

How Does Merchant Cash Discount Processing Work?

Merchant cash discount processing is based on the idea of benefitting cash-paying customers and the business owners too. The customers who opt for credit or debit card payments will incur additional processing fees. Hence, you will receive the entire price of the product along with the processing costs. It’s a win-win situation for you as either way you won’t have to pay any credit card processing fees.

Cash Discount Program

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