Merchant Cash Advance Solutions

How About a Quick Cash Advance at Low-Interest Rates & No Collateral?

A merchant cash advance atlanta is all you need to keep your funds flowing! At  Patel Processing, we help merchants with an instant cash advance facility. A simple calculation of cash advance is based on credit card sales generated by a merchant account. Contrary to the standard bank loan procedure, cash advance facility is decided based on different factors.

While assessing your cash advance application, the credit card processing receipts come in really handy for you. Your credit card rating and track record determine how much cash advance you may avail. Also, the ability to repay is adjudged based on these aspects. At Patel Processing, we value your business as much as you do. Hence, you can expect us to provide you with speedy cash advance services.

Cash Advance at Low-Interest Rates & No Collateral

Merchant Cash Advance Companies and Holdback System

All merchant cash advance companies are known to levy holdbacks. A holdback means an amount that is deducted by the business cash advance provider. This amount is a trivial percentage of the sum deducted from the merchant’s credit card payments. The holdback term continues until the principal cash advance amount is repaid with interest. Hence, the greater the number of payments faster will be the repayment. We provide the most affordable and easy cash advance solutions across the USA.


Benefits of Our Merchant Cash Advance Services

Speedy Approval

Get your merchant cash advance application approved in no time.

Instant Access

Receive your funds within a matter of just seven business days.


Our merchant cash advance services demand no collateral.

Flexible Repayments

Your repayments would only depend on your sales recorded.

Pay as you Earn

Whether you run a large or small business, our cash advance facility is exclusively meant to benefit you. Based on your credit card payments received, a certain fixed percentage of the amount will be deducted as a part of the repayment cycle. Every business goes through ups and downs. This is where our cash advance solutions can help you. If your business is experiencing lower sales, the repayment amount would be proportionately calculated. This way, your cash advance repayments move ahead at your pace, your convenience.

Instant Cash Advance

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