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Partner with Patel Processing to help you realize your ambitions and grow your business and profits.

At Patel Processing, we strive to provide unparalleled support for our strategic partners and the merchants they serve. Together, we can strive for success by working collaboratively and fostering mutual growth! Our Partnership Program is crafted to nurture lasting, symbiotic relationships with partners and resellers who share our enthusiasm for supporting and helping businesses prosper. We sync our objectives and targets with our partners, keeping them informed on the continually evolving payment processing industry, and investing in their personal growth.


Dedicated Manager for Agent Relations

The agents will have a dedicated manager for any queries they have and any support they need.

Portfolio Management Portal

The agents have a dedicated portal where they can manage their portfolios and accounts amongst other

Dedicated Support

Our experienced team is ever-present to guarantee top-tier support and aid throughout the entire collaborative experience!

Onboarding Specialist

Our onboarding specialist will make sure you are all set for a successful partnership ahead by fulfilling all your initial requirements.

White-labeling and custom branding

The agents can white-label the brand as they please and even customize it according to their needs.

Detailed Reporting

Gain insightful knowledge into your sales performance, helping you to fully comprehend and track your achievements.

State-of-the-art technology

You will direct access to our proprietary technologies and we also provide and stay up-to-date with the latest and the best technology for the payment processing needs.

Access to Marketing Resources

Gain access to a comprehensive library of marketing materials, including brochures, videos and customizable templates, to powerfully showcase the advantages of Patel Processing to your audience.

Profitable Margins

As a Patel Processing partner, you'll reap the benefits of outstanding profit margins, ensuring your hard work is richly rewarded.

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