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Being an ardent cryptocurrency payment gateway crypto payment processor, we bring to the table tons of benefits for you. Cryptocurrency has become a valuable digital asset. Cryptological standards have paved the way for robust technologies for safeguarding transactions from frauds. Contrary to the traditional payment processing methods, a cryptocurrency payment gateway doesn’t need any intermediate banks.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized in nature. It isn’t governed by any authority or governmental institution. It’s widely used in the modern era for purposes other than investing as well. As a cryptoprocessor, we help merchants accept and process crypto payments just like usual transactions.

Cryptocurrency in Patel Processing

Cryptocurrency Payment Processing by Patel Processing


Introduced in 2009, bitcoin is the topmost cryptocurrency in the world based on market worth and capitalization. Its creation, distribution, trading, and storage are achieved using a decentralized ledger system. This system is nothing but the blockchain. Being the first-ever cryptocurrency to hit the market, Bitcoin (BTC) is also the most preferred cryptocurrency in the world, with a value of approximately USD 40000 for a coin.


Ether (ETH) is owned by an open-source blockchain known as the Ethereum network. Here, developers can design apps and create cryptocurrencies. It’s the 2nd greatest cryptocurrency on the basis of market capitalization. Its value got a steep boost since its launch in 2013. It values at USD 3000 per token as recorded in the month of May.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is an electronic cash system. Bitcoin initially aimed to come up with this, before finalizing upon other plans. Bitcoin cash helps in sending money anywhere against a minimal processing fee. By January 2021, BCH already boasted of a market cap of USD 8.9b with a per-token value of USD 513.


Litecoin functions via an open-source worldwide payment network devoid of any governmental control. Apart from the developers, there are myriads of merchants who accept Litecoin. In January 2021, Litecoin had a market cap of USD 10.1b worth USD 154 per token. It’s the 6th biggest cryptocurrency in the world.


Dogecoin (DOGE) was launched in 2013 as an alternative to popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It’s available in abundance, as opposite to Bitcoin which is quite rare. So much so, that 10000 new Dogecoins are created every minute without having any prescribed limit.


Choose Our Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway for a Flourishing Business

Forget Chargebacks

Accepting crypto payments means no chargebacks or refunds – EVER.

Lower Charges

Crypto transactions are the cheapest when it comes to processing costs.

Optimum Rapidity

Receiving crypto payments or converting them to fiat currency takes just seconds.

Market Expansion

Explore new markets by offering customers with crypto payment options.

How does a crypto payment processor function?

A crypto payment processor makes it easy for merchants to trade their goods or services in exchange for cryptocurrencies. Traditional payment methods and cryptocurrency payment processing differ in 2 ways: Firstly, while performing crypto payments for making purchases, customers can use digital wallets only. Credit cards won’t come into the picture. Secondly, the payments would be in the form of cryptocurrencies and not our generic currencies like USD, INR, etc. Once you receive a crypto payment, you can convert the same into fiat currency whenever you want. It’d be our duty to help you conveniently exchange your crypto payments into fiat currencies.

Accepting Crypto Merchant Payments using Digital Wallets

A digital wallet is the main requisite for accepting crypto merchant payments. Our crypto processing software can act as your crypto wallet. We offer two different kinds of crypto wallets:

Single currency wallets: In case you’re a merchant who deals in a single cryptocurrency, this kind of wallet would be perfect for you.

Multi-currency wallets: As a merchant having varied customer segments, you can opt for multi-currency crypto wallets. These are useful for accepting a wide range of cryptocurrencies, providing your business an edge over others.


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